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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 15, 2016


One very last set of blooms on this day lily before it shuts down for the season.  It looks very weathered with all the rains we have received for weeks. It is one of my favorites of the lilies but the faded color doesn't make it look very impressive.

They are a late bloomer compared to a lot of my flowers.  They do start slow with just a few blooms but by August I have a lot of blooms. The foliage of this plant seems to look more like a common weed to me but I don't go ahead and clear it when it comes up.  Black eyed Susan is the name but I have heard it called other names.

We are having a lot of great cloud filled skies.  The sky seems bluer this time of the year as the earth keeps tilting.  As I walk the dog in the evening I watch the effects of the earth's changing angle by watching the moon.  The moon right now is moving down in the sky in the south as I can't see it anymore with my trees blocking the view. As I walk down the street I can see that a full moon is coming soon.

The next generation of Hot Wheels guy is my grandson AJ.  As you can see his dad on the left and my other son Aaron are getting into the small car racing game.  AJ's brother is too young to be involved but I bet Teddy will be a Hot Wheels kind of guy too.

I am not sure who took the photo but I bet one of the daughter in laws took the shot. AJ has a great basement room in the split level house to keep the tracks set up and ready to go whenever he wants to play.

One of the neighbor girls has a butterfly net and a butterfly cage to hold the collected butterflies.  I asked if they were going to be released later and she said yes.  The majority of butterflies that are out there these days are the smaller ones like this plus the white and yellow ones.

 As I walked the dog yesterday afternoon I could see girls running up and down our ditches trying to net the insects. It was actually humorous to see. It is nice to have young people in the neighborhood to keep life interesting. We have the four girls to the south of us, many grandchildren of the neighbor to our east,  two more grand kids to the north and two young ones on the west.

The day looks to be a good one all day.  I will mow grass and be glad for good temperatures.  Thanks for stopping in today.


Patsy said...

We got much needed rain today and it is a lot cooler, the flowers will like that.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love the soft color of your Day Lily, subdued yet lovely.
We had Black-Eyed Susans growing in the garden, but the deer loved them equally as much as we did and ate the lot !
I don't think the boys ever get tired of Hot Wheels, my daughter has an attic full of them :)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

A lot of activity in that post. Cute to see all the boys with the Hot Wheels! What child hasn't thought they could catch a butterfly. They are tricky. I don't catch them now, but photographing them can be tricky too!

Mildred said...

That is a great photo of your sons and grandsons with the cars. Yes, before you know it, Teddy will be joining them. Your black eyed Susans are pretty and it is sad to see the last of the lilies. That's cute about the little girls trying to net the insects. Most of our neighbors are our age, but we do have a little girl next door who just started 1st grade. She has enjoyed her little swimming pool the last few weeks before school started.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I see AJ has a case for his cars too! I used to love finding cars for my grandboys when they were little...a Grandma can spend lots of time looking at those cars. They used to be about a dollar and I would keep them on hand to hand out just because:)