Friday, May 28, 2010


My blue gate has a trellis area next to it and you can see less weeds now than before yesterday. Time is my biggest enemy as I use to be able to go weed a little each day and it would be done by this time of the year.  I will just plug away until I get it done.  I planted some snapdragons today and cleared out a large area of creeping charlie.....the curse.

The object for me is to get the most offensive weed growth gone and in another week come back and perfect it.  Can you spot the sage plant that survived our winter and is going strong?

I had to get an area cleared for some planting of a roots for a flower that needed to have sand mixed in, so I cleaned the whole area. You can still see a few weeds but you couldn't see the bench before I  started.  Angel boy is using mental telepathy to make the rest of the weeds die.

It is Friday and we are headed to Osceola to get the yard mowed.  No one is to do any remodeling today as we both are physically exhausted.  Once the yard is mowed we are going over to the Murray cemetery and plant small starts of this red peony on the graves of my parents and brother and baby sister.   It is the red peony that originated at my Grandmother Brooks' home.  My mom moved it to the Osceola property, and I moved a lot of it to my home.  These small starts I planted last fall to get them in shape to be moved to the cemetery. I am really not into decorating graves as I would rather get peonies and irises going there.  It will last forever and the show will be better than plastic flowers.

Have a good Friday and thanks for keeping in touch.  I need to catch up a little with all my friends blogs so I will not do the Creative Zone for a few days.  I have a lot of good friends out there and I have neglected  some of them, so maybe I can be the mad poster for a while.


Sunny said...

The more we plant those little seeds, it seems the more we have to weed!
Hope you and your wife have a lovely weekend, don't work too hard.
☼ Sunny

Anonymous said...

The red peony is so very pretty. I love the bench with the hosta nestled around. I hope you both have a safe and happy weekend.

The Retired One said...

i agree with you on the grave thing. Last year we completely surrounded my parents' graves with a border divider and pulled all the grass and weeds out...then I planted spring bulbs, lilies, and some primrose in there, and put mulch everywhere...we have weeded it twice a year and keep putting mulch down and it looks really nice now. We added a rhodedendron (spelling!) plant...I am going all with perrenials in there too!

Unknown said...

How lovely to plant things at the graves that have a connection to the person's life! I do a fair amount of volunteer work at an historic cemetery in Atlanta, and the families are encouraged to plant things from the gardens of the deceased.

Kris said...

Oooo. I want an angel boy to telepathize my weeds too! LOL And thanks for your encouragement on my gardens. You inspired me to actually post on my Flower Beds page today. First for the season.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. :-D

Far Side of Fifty said...

I need a half a dozen of those Angel would be laugh yourself sick at the weeds in the wildflower areas of this yard...the woods is taking over.
I put silk flowers at the cemeteries..we start the rounds tomorrow as we visit so many. Here they mow everything down unless you have a fence around it. Have a good rest of the weekend Larry :)