Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flocks of Phlox.......

Of all my phlox plantings, I have one that is covered with white flowers.  The whole patch is starting to put out a great aroma.

The butterflies prefer the dark colors over the pale colors.  I guess they are a lot like hummingbirds who look for the red colors.

Others in my blogging circles are saying that their phlox are very tall this  year.  Mine are the tallest I have seen in four or five years.  It makes my garden look like it is growing completely out of control.

When I was a kid on the farm, the phlox seemed so magical.  We had large areas of tall orchard grass and it would grow up among the tall grass without any bother.  It seem to thrive in that situation.  Large clumps of phlox growing up in a  weedy situation really showed that summer had arrived.

The camera tends to pick up a more lavender color than it really is.  The hummingbirds do not like phlox but they do the spent bee balm.  The manarda is almost gone but I did see the ruby throat hummingbird dive bombing the plant. I can see him at the feeder as I walk through the window but I have  yet to catch him on the camera.

We woke up this morning with it being cool in temps.  The weather looks good for today with nary a cloud.  That does mean it will warm up but not over the low 80's. F.  Summer colds seem to be around as I have one so I will play a bump on a log today.  I am on the third day of it now and I am thinking the worse is behind me.  That first day when you catch a cold you have such mixed feelings of irritation. Yesterday I had a pretty rough day with it and the night was bad.  But today should be a day of healing up from all of it.  I have things to do but I won't be doing them. 

I hope all is well with my blogging friends.  Our weather seems to be making major changes which means someone else should be getting the rain and wind.  Our rains have all moved to the southern part of the state so it will keep sliding south.  August has a foothold on us and I keep wondering where the time has gone.  I thank you for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

I should have read this post first before wishing you a great day on your other blog. Very sorry to hear you are sick. Take care and feel better soon.
I do love the phlox photos. The white is really stunning.

Patsy said...

I didn't realize Phlox had so much fragrance until this year.
Love it because it comes back every year no work to it. Last year had
a leaf mole but got it sprayed early and it is doing good.
Hope your cold will be gone soon.

Gary said...

You phlox are beautiful, so much so I am feeling a little pang of jealousy {lol}. Hoping you are feeling much improved. – G

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Phlox is beautiful whatever the color! Hope you get over that cold soon, another day of rest will do you good:)

troutbirder said...

Very nice as I especially like the tall phlox that grows wild alonf our driveway...:)