Monday, August 10, 2015

The First........Day of the Week.

The mosquitoes and knats are trying to keep me away from the tomato patch.  I dash in and out as the insects seem really bad right now.  I hope the town sprays soon.

The gas prices went down overnight but lettuce seems to stay high.  I suppose it is because of the water shortage in California that keeps the head of lettuce at a big price.  We have free tomatoes so we can eat tomato salads and maybe blt's.

While removing the aquarium from the basement to give to the neighbor I found a stray sack of rocks and a seashell.  I really do not remember bringing that home from my dad's garage.  I guess it could of sneaked in with tools and stuff from the garage.

When I first picked this up I thought maybe it was a shot from a cannon.  The feel of it by weight is strange like it could be metal.  The roundness in real life seems evident but the shape in the photo shows that it isn't perfectly round. The kind of rock that it is makes it seem lighter weight.  Maybe it is closer to sandstone and isn't heated as high in temp when it was formed.

My dad was a rock hound so he must have picked it up from some show or out on the ground. In the photo the brown rock does look completely round but the camera shows it is just a rock.  My parents traveled both Lake Superior and Michigan so it could have come from there. The rock on the left is one I picked up on the north shore.  The smaller one is a rock and when I washed it up it has rock textures. My imagination really did want it to be a cannon ball.  As I write this, I really didn't check out all that was in that sack.  I think I did see and Iowa geode but I need to go back and explore more of my lost sack of rocks.

I will be making a fresh sugar and water mixture for the hummers today.  It is getting low and I want it not to spoil as it hangs in the sun. This was the bottom of the line feeder that I bought and I was glad to see that the birds do not need those cute little yellow flowers in order to feed in the slots. It seems to work just as well as any fancy one.  I think the color is the most important part and secondly the place for them to land and rest while they eat.

Of all of the different values of color in my phlox this seems to be my true pink variety. By fall I am going to have to make some decisions to move or thin out the plant as it is invading everything.  I can think of an area that I would like it to be as the field lilies are doing so well in that location.

It is Monday and we have no plans.  I have lots of things to do but will just pick and chose from them.  I will be going back to part time subbing again this year.  School starts in a few weeks, so I need to do some of the must be done things now.  By the act of moving the fish tank from the basement I now have to rearrange and clean up the basement.  That is a good thing but it won't be done in a day.

Thunder and lightening last night but very little rain happened.  I may still need to water planters today.  I hope all are well.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

I like the true pink phlox, we got a lot of rain this morning so don't
have to water today. My Sedum is about to bloom but looks bad it has sprawled out over the ground.

Anonymous said...

I had wondered if you would be subbing this year. School started here last week.
Mosquitoes are bed here too right now and also, pig weed and goldenrod are blooming which makes us both sneeze. The neighbor with the cute little girl I posted about has a tower garden and shares tomatoes and carrots with us. The plants grow without dirt. We rarely splurge for lettuce and just make a salad with green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, onion, etc. Seeing your rocks, especially the round one, reminds me of our visit to Williamsburg VA years ago. The fence gates all have cannon ball closures on them. The phlox you have is very pretty. I hope you both are better today; don't overdo.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Phlox is beautiful and those tomatoes don't look shabby either. Yes lettuce is high but I buy leaf lettuce and wish I had grown it in a planter...but I still buy it! neither of us can eat head lettuce anymore gives us indigestion. Getting old! :)