Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday's Things.....

As I was being delayed along the highway at the Mile Long Bridge, I took a few photos of Lake Saylorville.  It is a man made lake and can't compare to any Minnesota lake. The bridge was having a square of concrete removed and replaced causing flag men to keep us waiting for one another to cross the bridge.

Last summer the engineers held back a lot of water and the area we see here was completely under water. It was at a high stage for a   very long time causing a lot of erosion along the original sides of the lake.

The small water pockets were left filled with water helping wild life and birds to have use of them. The road that I can take to the under neath side of the bridge is down the hill right there and it runs all along the small water pockets.
The mile long bridges lets us see the lake from side to side in this area. Today the water was a muddy brown when looking down at it. There aren't any birds migrating through this area right now. They seem to fallow the rivers to go north in spring.
The bridge photos are file photos from the last two years.  I didn't have time to go down to take pictures today.  I was up mowing the property's yard this morning and I was very worn out from that effort. Having to be held up on the bridge was not great as I was needing to get home for lunch.

The virus situation keeps me from working on the house as I have too many neighbors up there that move back and forth in packing plant territory.  The one works at the grocery store of that town. I really need to be able to freely go to the hardware to get parts for my work, so I just won't work on the house.  The yard work is being monitored by certain people to be sure it is done.

I found a water bottle and a discarded coffee cup from McDonalds that blew into my yard so I could cut tulips The forsythia is actually blooming this year.  It doesn't always do so.  The gardens at the old place are not so good any more as I can't maintain them when I am not living there.  I am glad I moved as many plants that I could the last couple of years so I can see them at the new place.

Thanks for stopping by today. My truck looked like a florist truck after I got the things into the car.


Rose said...

I would love to see what water birds would be there...I bet part of the time there is a lot.

Love the flowers you are taking home.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice haul of flowers!