Friday, March 31, 2023

Warming Trend....

 At one time today we were up to 78° F. today.  It is cooling down now and we did not get the predictied rain. 

I have been waiting for warm weather so I can keep on working on this footstool.  It needed to have the varnish removed but I could not do it inside because of the fumes. I tore this apart nine days ago so that did require me to have more patience than I truly have.  I found things to distract me.

I tried to set this up yesterday and then I found the wind was too strong for me to work outside.  The wind would dry out the remover before it had a chance to work.  Today was the day for it to happen.

Using remover is not an easy thing.. I found that after I put it on and waited I had to use steel wool to remove the old varnish.  I had to do three applications to get it finally to be cleared off of the wood. 

I kept rotating it once on set of surfaces were done. There are basically six surfaces facing up here so it took a lot of time. 

There are also eight bottom edges on the underneath of the surfaces and vice versa when I sit it up straight.  I sit it upside down firs then sit it right side up to get it all done.  Obviously I had to clean up slopping onto already finished areas. 

I will hand sand it all or maybe get out the power sander for the major large surfaces.  Once I put on a new finish I will have to take my wife with me to find materials to cover the seat or top of the footstool. 

Hey we are in Zone 5a and the crocus are up in bloom.  I was surprised as to how fast the shot up and opened. 

Unfortunately I don't have my flower gardens clear of dead stuff.  It has been too cold to be out there.  I have dead mum plants to cut off and roses to prune back.  It will happen but sometimes jobs like this can put me into a panic.  If I work at it a few hours per day it will get done.  I have lost my best pruning shears so I will be slowed down with a bad set of shears.  Oh well......Thanks for stopping by today.


Val Ewing said...


I looked at my crocus flowers yesterday. 4 came up and they just fell over. It is snowing hard this morning after over an inch of rain last night.

Looking good. I don't have all of my stuff cleaned up either. Just a little at a time.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice work on the stool:)