Thursday, December 7, 2017

Information Shots.....

In all that is going on, we are getting some decorations in place. My wife and I talked about the nostalgia for the old house with its bay window and fancy fireplace. We are married now 33 years and we are starting all new traditions.  I did assure my wife that if we were to return to the old house and feel the breezes coming through the bay window and see the fireplace smoking up the whole house that she would feel better about the "new" adventure. Getting the manger scene up during a commercial on television was a breeze.

My wife's teddy bear tree is up and stands in the entry way. Our new house is bigger but we lack walls between our areas of living. The means we can't put up so many trees in all one space. After saying that, we are going to have three different theme trees in the great room with kitchen. The teddy bear tree has evolved into other kinds of stuff animals that were gifts at Christmas time or an old teddy bear that was sewn from my wife's grandmother's old coat. I think that we are pretty full now so I will stop buying items as gifts for this tree. The teddy bear tree was my wife's idea many years ago as she thought it would make a great looking tree.

We are 14 degrees F. this morning.  It is cold.  I did take the recycle bin out to the curb and Barney had to go out this morning but for the most part I am staying inside for the rest of the day. One forgets how painful how that temperature feels as it freezes the bluejeans onto your legs.

I am glad we are moving along with the decorating.  Sometime it is hard though as we put up ornaments that are holding memories of people we have lost.  It seems that we have too many of them. I did discover a former teacher friend had died  while digging on the internet, from whom I knew 40 years ago. She had made Andy a soft ornament in the shape of an elephant. He had been just born that December.  Little did I know that the ornament has such a long distant memory of a person I only knew for four years in my youth.

I wish everyone to have a good day today regardless as to wether your are too cold or even too hot. Thanks for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

Your wife's teddy bear tree is very pretty, as is the Nativity.

Christmas is a time to remember all of those who have touched our lives - we have a red/green Christmas crocheted afghan that mama's dear friend made us that we bring out each year. Sweet memories.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looking like Christmas at your house!