Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday's Posting.....

The pears have arrived from our Chicago area kids. They are so beautiful to see as the red pear is so great to look at. The first one that we tried tasted good too.

We went out with our Sunday school boys today to a real Chinese Restaurant. Our head minister found it in the college town north of us and we had the real food.  Most food of this caliber are Americanizes and that works for me.  The cooks of this place cook true dishes that do look like a lot of unusual vegetables in a big bowl with garlic chicken.  The spice chicken is coated with sweet and spicy coating and the plate is covered with paprika peppers.  The way things are served reminded me of the old fondue pots day.  Everyone gets a bowl of rice and you pile on things from any bowl that you want.  The spices are hot so I did eat slowly and had a lot of rice to eat. We enjoyed eating with the boys as they are from Asian parents, either Chinese or Cambodia. They really liked the food as it was just like home cooking for them. Our boys in the Asian group are all growing up on us.  They were just a bunch of scrambling little guys a few years ago.

We made some deadlines the past week so we will remake our list for this week.  We usually do get it all done but now it is a choice of  which to do first.

I thank you for stopping by today.

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