Saturday, December 2, 2017

Weekend, Day One.........

A Saturday morning shot shows the sun is still moving. I want to be taking a shot on December 21st just to see where its will be positioned.  I keep thinking it is creeping away but really it is just the earth's tilt.  I see there are some leftover vapor trails from the Air Force jets.

My grand roll out of Christmas became a failed mission yesterday.  I did get a wreathe hung over the garage door and some lights mounted on the deck railing. My attempt to start putting up trees started with this leaning tree.  Because of the move, I don't know how everything is packed.  Some things are labeled and some are not. I thought the teddy bear tree would be a good one to start with, as it is a low energy tree.  So as I assemble it, the brackets to make it stand are not in the box. The lights are usually left on this kind of tree but not this one.  I will be digging through everything to day to find the box of lights and also the three base brackets.

We had signed papers for our new house right after Christmas. We knew we would be moving so things were packed in sturdy containers and wrapped for protection. We did label the big tree as it has four boxes to keep all of it's parts. I think that once I have brought everything out that I will be able to put things back knowing where each thing is for next Christmas. I said the our Chicago area kids that in many ways we are still moving in as we unpack toys, decorations, and the large collection of tools.

The daytime moon is out in the late afternoon.  I haven't seen the moon for quite a while at night. When it starts into another cycle I may get to see it. By the shadows in this photo the shade of the row of houses west of this house is casting onto this roof with four bathrooms. Designers of the house are conscious to be sure all bathroom vents end up on the back of the house. It makes for a cleaner look on the front side of the house.

Our guest last week gifted us with a poinsettia.  It is a larger one and seems to be doing well.  I am trying to figure out the growing conditions in the newer home. I noticed the violets don't need so much water in this house but vines and the poinsettia needs to be watched for soil moisture. The poinsettia really isn't planted in soil so it make it more of a game as to when to water it.

I will keep sneaking in photos of the grandsons as time permits.  We bought these veggies sticks of the youngest as a treat.  He tasted the cheese coated pieces and could not stop eating them.  At first I had to hand them to him one stick at a time. Eventually he crawled up on the chair and helped himself.  He did keep trying to hand them out to us with his spare hand.
AJ is a tall guy so he looks a lot older than he really is. He will be 5 in February. He has grown up a lot in the past few months.  We can see him maturing even when we visit with him on FaceTime. He likes to discuss and share things rather than just to do just show and tell.

It is good for it to be Saturday.  I am not setting goals today and will just do what I can do.  We may visit the bookstore for a short visit.  My wife has a cold that is on its 5th day so we will make it a short day.  I am still dragging from working on the house. It takes a few days to recoup form common labor. Making it a short day out will be good. Thank you for stopping in today.  I wish you all to have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

So sorry Della is sick with a cold. I do hope you both enjoyed a visit to the bookstore today. That is a precious photo of Teddy! They are so cute when they find a food they really like. Yes, AJ is tall. Such a blessing that you are able to face time with the grandsons. I hope you both have a pleasant evening.
p.s. that's a gorgeous poinsettia

The Great Ethan Allen said...

The Moon has been so bright here. Last night I could have read by the light! I'm impressed you can capture the moon during the day. Every time I try with my camera, I just get a fuzzy white ball in the sky.... if that!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope Della is better soon. Your Grands are so cute! :)