Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday's Finds.......

 There had been a squabble between the house finch and a bunch of sparrows. Feathers flew for a short time but male stands guard while the female house finch picks at the seeds. 


The male downy is back more often than the female. He gave me a profile pose that is almost focused. They are jittery and always pecking away at the suet causing their photos to be blurry.


My memory was foggy on what this bird was and then I looked it up.  I remembered is was the female house finch when I researched it  but it does have the coloring of some sparrows. The stripes on the chest gives it away as a finch.

The male cardinal keeps stopping by at fleeting moments and then takes it seed to the trees in order to eat it.  I have not seen a female cardinal for a long time. 

It is a big commitment of time to get a tank properly cleaned. I don't have the energy for now so I just exchanged some water today and cleaned up the filter. Tropical scenes of fish in the water makes the winter to be more pleasant. 

It is too cold for me to be outside for photography. I continually am working on the idea of feeling better but my stamina is still not so great. We splurged last night and bought quarter pounder burgers for supper.  It would be good for me if I just took away the bread but I just ate it all. We are still exploring foods that I can eat and that is a limited list.  Protein is great to bring my numbers down so we do eat that a lot.  Sugar free jello is my snack for sugar as carrots have too much sugar in them for me to snack on them. The carrots were increasing my numbers.  Enough on that subject for today. 

Three days in and I am not impressed with our new. I can't believe how we were overtaken by the Wizard of Oz, you must obey.  The curtains will fall away and the reality of it all will be exposed when the troops all go home.. 

On a happy note, we have a new giraffe calf at our Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty Cardinal! Hope you can get the vaccine sounds like the shortage is worse...stay warm!

KCD said...

I do envy you your cardinal. The only one I have ever seen in person was on the Big Island of Hawaii, of all places. As far as the 3 ring circus is going, just wait, they haven't even brought out the clown car yet