Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday's Fun Things.....

 I got my chores done this morning so it was time to take a break and blog. I even made a cup of coffee to make it all work. 

Yesterday the mourning decided to hang around and eat.  It did a lot of resting too. It seemed to like the deck area that was out of the wind.

It was like a photo shoot as it just kept posing for me. I have more phtoos than I can share. The cardinal I saw this morning did not hang around long enough for me to turn on my camera.. 

It was time to shift and change photos of the grand kids yesterday. They came in the mail and I was glad to get them all set up. The ones that I had were smaller frammes so I had to pull out some younger photos in bigger frames and insert these. They are growing up so fast. 

I did get some shots of the Wolf Moon last night. It wasn't so cold and I could get a whole picture of it. It was low in the sky off our back deck so I could just walk out and snap the shot. 

The shot I took the night before was only a partial shot as I was too cold to hold the camera steady.  I have been wearing a heart monitor for 25 days now and I am taking it off today. I have a good heart from the echo card. test but they wanted to be sure.  I am actually quitting early with the wearing of it as I am tired of it stuck to my chest.  I have decided to take it off before lunch and will bag it all up for mailing back to the company.  The thing was connected to the internet and they would collect data from it periodically night and day.  I think I will be less uptight about things with that thing gone. 

Thank you for checking in today. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

25 days...well I am glad that is over for you! Nice Moon shots! I figured it was full...we had serious clods...but even so it was brighter outside enough so I could see a deer at our bird feeders:) Yes those grands grow up so fast!!

Rose said...

Great moon shot..I tried to step outside last night and it was too cold for me to stay out.

Great dove shots.

Rose said...

Your heart monitor thing made me remember Roger had to wear something similar...he had to wear almost like a huge wrist watch and I had to connect electrode things to his chest...checking for sleep apnea.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

No wonder it was so bright last night. I have not checked out the moon in a while... too cold.
I get the thing makes you stressed just having it on. Every time I went to to get a physical, they would say my blood pressure was high. I found that funny because I used to run a lot back then. But after a few moments of "calming down," they would take it again and I would be normal. Guess doctor visits would make me edgy.