Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday's Shots.....

 He visits the suet again. He is a more frequent visitor than the female. I did see him flit over to the see feeder as I have some thistle seed mixed in with the other kinds of feed.

On the net there are different identities of the sparrow.  I don't remember them but this brown one is one of my favorites. He head colors seem to be a lighter brown like some of the accent stripes in the feathers. 

I haven't seen the male  cardinal for awhile but I will repost the photo I caught yesterday of a female cardinal outside my window.  I had posted it on my Photo a Day blog.

I have not seen her much this winter season. She didn't stick around for very long as she looked for stray seeds on the deck. I like seeing the sports of red on her wings and the various colors on the wing. 

We did not get much snow last night but more is being promised in a couple of days or sooner.

No political comments today as the list of people who have been abused by the new president and his behind the scene gang has increased.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Such a pretty Cardinal I hope they stick around! Hope you had a good day Larry, Hi to Della:)

Rose said...

I love the cardinal...I am posting one in a day or two but not as good as this.