Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday's Gray Day.....

 Evidence of the last snow fall on the bird bath. Drizzle and rain may diminish this but it won't be so warm.

The male house finch is busy grabbing seeds. He seems to be a lighter colored bird  that what I usually see out there. 

The female house finch was busy earlier shuffling seed out to the tray out onto the deck. I guess I should not pile it up so much. 

 The mourning dove returned again this morning helping itself to the seed. The dove probably will show up everyday if I can keep the tray filled for it. I do think I had another dove visit yesterday which was smaller than this one.

Our las storm filled in all the past tracks but we now have many new paths throughout the back yard.  The squirrel has a distinct path and the rabbit does too. Out front I see the gas man walked through the deep snow to read the meter.  The electric and water meters are read by vehicles driving by with their magic wands.

 My two cockatiels look forward to me opening the curtains to the sliding glass doors each morning.  They love looking out and seeing it all. They have certain calls and one of them is a warning call to tell birds out there to get out of their territory. My wife use to take care of them daily while I was still working and she is still their favorite person.  When she does go downstairs and talks to them they start singing and make special noises that they never make to me. They don't ever sing to me but I don['t think they hate me. They just seem to be bonded to her as she took care of them since they were young birds. 

We are not getting the predicted storm.  We are having mist and warm temperatures. It can change and we will have to wait and see. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun to see your birds. We used to have a Cockateil named Pearl...she hated me, but loved my husband...and I am the one who fed her and cleaned her cage:)