Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday Finalities.....


 The harvest begins in an instant.  I had not been out to the patch for a few days. I was moving stray vines out of the way for the mower.  Tied them up and picked some tomatoes.   I can see others are changing color too. 

 The pink hardy geranium is finally blooming.  I wintered it over inside and tt took it a while to adjust being outside. The blooming should pick up now with the weather that we are having.


 This was moved from the old place with its history being from a plant sale at an arboretum. The one bloom in the background is a lighter colored version of it. 

The smaller yellow lily is still blooming. It is time to maybe move some things around, or at least to divide them and spread them out.

I am so glad that I bought some dahlias. I do have to dig them in the fall but they are worth it. The plant keeps getting taller and the blooms increase in size after the bloom opens.

I am headed to the eye clinic to get my eyes checked and to pick out new glasses. The diabetes has messed with my eyes and we will see what the can do for an already very nearsighted old guy. It has been too long for me to renew them and things seem to be quieting down so I can take the time to do it. Living in a big city means I only have to drive about three miles to get there. 

We are going to get hot again today. I should have watered things but didn't.  Maybe I can do it this evening.  Thanks for stopping by today.


The Furry Gnome said...

It's only Day Lily season, you're not supposed to have ripe tomatoes yet!

Far Side of Fifty said...

WE have one tomato that is turning a day or two and it should be ready. Nice Daylilies!

Laurel Wood said...

The tomatoes look good. I sur love the dahlias and lilies. I hope the trip to the eye dr went well.