Thursday, July 15, 2021

Thursday's Things.

 Numerous tornadoes were on the ground north of us. It cause us to have some great cloud formations.  We did get rain later on in the evening with lightning. 

While grilling burgers I had to go get the camera to get this shot.  It had to shoot way above the house roof to get such a shot. 

I got more shots than I can share on one blog. It was a hot, humid day making it perfect for tornadoes. There was significant damage around Lake City, Iowa. One set of grandparents took to the basement with their nine grand children.  When the came back out the second story of the house was gone as well as the first floor mostly demolished.

I thought the Susans were dead and gone but I did have a few show up anyway. I like how the coral bells branch out into this photo.

The yellow ones seem to be squeezing in with the con eflowers. The rains of last week really revived this garden out front of the house.

 I got my truck to the shop and it is now back and running great. It is a relief to have it being reliable again. That means I can make a trip to the old place tomorrow and bring back the last of things to the new place.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


Laurel Wood said...

I am glad your truck is running great. What a blessing for those grandparents and their nine grands to have taken refuge in their basement as their house was demolished by the tornado. Your coral bells are a nice addition to the flower beds.

The Furry Gnome said...

Glad the tornados left you alone!