Saturday, July 31, 2021

Rainfall and More.....

 My rain gauge says that we received tthis much rain. It isn't a perfect measure but it is almost full. I was sprinkling in the evening and I did hear thunder early morning when I was laying awake. It is a good sound to hear thunder when you have a drought going on in the area.

The tomato patch looks good with the new rain. I am sure that all the grass that is growing in there is happy too. 

I am sharing this piece of furniture to show how the same woods do have different colors used when they they are made. The door shows the many colors.  Back when they were made they would paint on a dark finish to make it look like one color.

I share that because my four drawers of this dresser are of walnut but the top two drawers have a lighter color of wood used in them.  It isn't a horrible  thing and I an thinking I will still just use a clear finish on them and not try to stain them to all the same color.  I did discover today the the last bottom drawer is bigger than the one shown here. The two bottom drawers are just made from a darker walnut wood. 

I did get them all checked out and the bottom drawer fell apart when I picked it up.  It had to have major repair with glue on every joint to hold it together.  The glue did do the trick. The ends of the drawers show a very rustic hand cut joint making.  I think that may show it is older than the ones that have machine cut joints. 

The joints were so dry that they just came apart when I picked it up. I am thinking the piece sat in an outside shed for quite a long time. 

The joints that are cut on the back of the drawer are rustic or can I say crude. Glue did help to put it back together.  I don't think I have ever seen joints cut like this before in all my furniture restoration.  I started refinishing furniture back in 1967 when I was still in high school, fixing up two chest of drawers from an auction.  My mom paid six dollars for each one of them. 

I did sanding on the top of this piece and it is in rough condition.  It sanded up nicely but it has a lot of history of repairs by a bad crafts person. I will share that on another day.  Thanks for stopping by today. Have a good rest of the weekend.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Raining AGAIN here too. I admire your work on the furniture.