Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Hot and Humid.....

 The shape of the petals on a dahlia are so unique. This color is a good one.

The dinner plate hibiscus is doing well in spit of the heat. One of our news persons had to take out a dinner plate to show the comparison of his wife[s flowers and the plate. 

The zinnias are blooming enough that I could cut a bouquet to bring inside.  I like how they just take off and bloom when it isn't expected. 

This drawer number three that has not been sanded.  I couldn't find any really fine sandpaper so I bought some wet/dry paper that is really fine.  The walnut wood really shows scratches if the paper is too rough.  This size of drawer is much larger than the top two. 

These two are not the same size.  I really don't remember if the two  bottom drawers are the same size.  I bet that they are. I want to do sanding on one drawer a day until all four of them are done.  The top of the dresser is really beat up and I bet the electric sander will work better than just hand sanding. 

The tomatoes are just great for now.  I am sure we will get tired of them but for now they are a treat.  It is hot everywhere.  I am done up at the old place for now and won't have to get out in the heat up there. I did get my old lawn boy going this morning and trimmed along the bushes where my hired man doesn't do a good job with.  The lawn boy had not been started for an entire year and it did give me a little bit of a problem.  I should start it everyday so it works better.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Dahlia id lovely! I like your mix of Zinnias too! You have a new project to keep you busy:)