Friday, July 9, 2021

Happy Friday......

 Three in a row for these day lilies. It is its second year for blooming. I think the blooms are on short stems.  I don't like that the stems are so short but I guess that comes from hybridizing. 

A new bloom from yesterday. I was surprised by it being there as the garden is new to me even though I have been here a few years. 

I will research some of my last years of photos of the ditch lily.  I am hoping that this is that but I will look and see. 

My volunteer tomato is looking good.  I won't know what kind of tomato that it is until I see them on the vine. I didn't have the heart to pull it out as it is among the flower bed. 

A person addicted to wood doesn't throw boards away in the trash.  They have to be fifty years old as I tore them out of the old house.  It was a built-in that needed to be removed. The wood is wide and strong.  I just have to create something from them. I do have a few nails yet to be removed. 

Brackets from a very old house in Southern Iowa. I am ging to have cousins research a photo of the house that they were from. Later info will come as I find out more about the story. 

I am home today resting.  I have lots of small things to do today but they will be easy jobs.  I just did trim back my mums so they will be blooming in the fall with full gusto.  I messed with my truck this morning and it seems to be a fix so far. It was giving me trouble yesterday. Thanks for stopping by today.

An addition that shares a photo of the ditch lilies, field lilies, at the old place. I did get a start of them at the new place.


The Furry Gnome said...

It must be Day Lily season. Beautiful!

Laurel Wood said...

Oh that last photo, especially, is lovely. I love all your lilies and that is fun to wait and see what tomato plant is growing. I hope your truck will run ok now. You are a lot like john….he loves to collect wood for projects. You two take care. Thank you both for your friendship and prayers, they are much appreciated.