Monday, August 15, 2022

Beginning of the Week....




I don't understand why there are two heads on this sunflower.  It must not be a purebred mammoth sunflower.


 My roses are doing well in spite of the heat.  I do hit them with a little bit of water once in a while. Radar says it is raining here.  It is not raining.

  The yellow rose is reblooming but it isn't as robust as the first time.  Bugs are leaving them alone right now.


 Pink rose that fades to white is doing well out there in the hot sun. It has become a big bush. 

A patio expansion plan is ongoing. I don't like the long narrow area right now of the patio and I think the expansion will give it a better look visually.  It will appear wider with the minimal amount of pavers.  I can spread out the patio furniture to give better walking room.  The goal posts that were inserted to support the deck around the chimney of the fireplace really screws up the whole area. It keeps the space restricted to have an  area for the table and chairs. 

I again say that it is not raining.  Green on the radar does not indicate rain clouds,  just clouds.  Thanks for checking in today. 


The Furry Gnome said...

Nothing beats a beautiful Morning Glory!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Such pretty roses:)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I used to love clipping the roses from our bush and bringing them inside in a wine glass. They used to smell divine as well. The garden roses always have more aroma than the ones in the store.

Val Ewing said...

Those morning glories are wonderful!

I have a few sunflowers that have up to 10 buds/flowers on them!
I have two or three in another garden that have only one.
My goat got loose and ate all the flowers off the beautiful red/yellow short sunflower.

So it goes.

You flowers are incredible.