Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Round Things....

 There are just a few buds left to bloom. The sun was shinning perfectly onto the bloom this morning.

Amongst the clouds a moon did show up for me when I went outside last evening.  Not completely round but you do get the picture. 

It is developing into a beautiful sunflower. Seeds are being developed and soon the birds will be destroying it.

He isn't so round but he is just hanging around with a new paint job on his surface.  I finally got him inside and he was around at the same time as I was painting something else with white paint. He looks good with his renewed surface of paint.

I worked out on the patio this morning hanging my transom between my football goal posts.  I had the company of a worker, plugging my yard and then seeding it with fresh seed.  I went inside when he needed to get closer to my area as the areator is a heavy, bulk, and noisy machine.  When he left I finished the job and touched up my paint on things.  You get a visual tomorrow of the finished project.  I am not so happy with the project but maybe tomorrow I will like it better.  

Thanks for stopping by today. It isn't as hot today than the past days.

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