Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Things for the Day.....


It is a young rabbit. The bottom picture shows the real scale of his size in the real world picture.  At one time I had a young rabbit on the patio and also a young robin.  Both did flee when I slid open the door. 

I was out wandering to look at things and I saw this iris.  It is a favorite white iris that blooms so well but now it is too crowded.  I decided to get the spade and remove the whole thing from that area of the garden.  Some of it  had died back in the spring so I though I needed to move t to better soil and away from the wet clay that it was planted.  I can let it set in the pot for a few days while i think it all through.  Getting dug was a big deal so I will get it done.  The neighbor lady who is gone now, gave this to me and I really would like to keep it going. It is a large white compared to the regular sized blooms of iris.

I went out to the front garden and there are just a few things that look better.  Most all of the cone flowers are dead and most of the petunias are too. 

The glads are blooming so late this year and it doesn't look like some of them will ever bud.  This pink one will be a beauty in the next few days. 

Worked outside this morning and made two trips to Ace.  I laid my cell phone down on a tall pile of  bags of dirt while I was loading up another brand into the cart.  I didn't return to get it as the cart went back inside so I just drove away.  It is only a mile a way and it was still laying on the pile when I frantically drove back to get it.  I would have put it in my pockets but theyhad a diabetic meter in it, two sets of keys, and a tape measure to use to pick out the right size of bricks.  You can't stuff a phone in full pockets.  I am tired of being so old.           Thanks for stopping by today.


Val Ewing said...

Eeeks! Glad your phone didn't get lost.

I didn't know that iris plants could be transplanted this time of the year.

Sounds like the dry and awful weather has been hard on your plants!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Glad you got your phone! WE finally got some rain today:)