Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Wednesday with No Wind....


A little bit cooler temperatures are welcomed.  The sky is pretty blue but there are lots of clouds spotted everywhere. 

The tall marigolds at this end of the zinnias have not buds developed yet. The glads at the other end of the zinnias do have about three sets of buds developed. Soon I will have pictures of a few glads. 

I have many red twig dogwoods but this is the only one that puts out berries.  I guess the person who planted these got a different variety than he thought that he had.  The birds love these berries even though they are green. 

The grand kids never played with the new frisbee but it works great for me. I should just toss it out there among the tomatoes from off the deck after I empty it so I don't have to do a juggling act to bring them in the house.  I have chipmunks eating at some of them so I need to pick all the bottom ones early to keep them away from them. 

I put down twelve of these concrete squares this morning.  I need to get some different wood to frame it in to make it more permanent. The design is still being worked on as to how to connect it to the older patio. I may move out some of the plants and fill it in with some brick as a solution.  I do think that there is a new garden area along the new piece for flowers. 

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The Furry Gnome said...

Great mlooking tomatoes!