Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thursday's Things....

 The camera created a special effect visual of the moon through the trees. The leaves of the locust tree gave the camera a different kind of texture that let light come through. 

It is 97% waxing full.  It was a good night for a shot and I will have to go out again tonight to get a full moon.

A close study of a marigold shows folds of petals intertwined.  I like the color and it is an interesting view of something that usually just shows up as an orange form. 

The sedum is looking good with the textures of all its blooms to develop.  Sadly the coneflowers next to it are all dead from the heat and dry weather.  I tried to stay ahead of the watering but failed. 

I caught this shot of an interesting zinnia with many different colors of red.  This plant is from saved seed so it has made changes in its genetics as the new plant. 

I bought supplies from the hardware this morning and then spent the rest of the time working outside in the yard.  It started to get hot by noon so I was glad to quit working and come inside. 

No rain today.  Thanks for checking in today.

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