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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Warmer Spring Day.....

Barney lies in the sun enjoying the warm day. He face seems over lighted by the sun but he rarely lets me take a photo of him.  He is guarding the property and now gets to watch the development of the tomato plants that grow on the other side of the fence. I placed the tomatoes there so they could be in full sun.

This is a new bloom for my garden this year.  It came from the neighbor lady's collection.  I at first thought it to be too pale for me to appreciate.  I now like it after I see it photographed.

I share a different photo of this iris on my Photo a Day blog.  It is so good that I rescued this and it grows well in the new location.  The new hybrid of this iris has white edges on the falls besides all the other white markings.   Compared to a hybrid bloom of an iris these flowers are proportioned to be shorter and more compact. I am going to have a lot of blooms of this as you can see a bud in the background and many more buds on the stalk with the blooming flower.

I seem to have a lot of this color of iris scattered in different areas of the yard.  The camera picks it up as pale blue and light purple as you can see here.

I have lots of things to work on today on this Saturday.  I only have a week left of school and I may not get work on some of those days. I am not going to pressure myself on the jobs as I will have time after that week. We are allowed to burn up sticks and leaves over this month and I have a lot of things collected.  I need to do more trimming on one or two trees and maybe I can get it burned up also.

We will have a much warmer day today and I will like that.  It is cold this morning and we need some warmth outside to get things growing that we have planted in the gardens.  My tomato plants are yellow and some heat will green them up a lot.  I wish everyone to have a good weekend.  Thanks for dropping by today.


Patsy said...

Lovely! this year your iris look so good.
We have been cooler here this spring but the flowers
love it. My pansy's are still looking happy. The only thing
I have planted around our door.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I sure love your iris photos and I just noticed Della's gorgeous art on your sidebar of the iris. So good to see Barney enjoying the warmth of the sun. Hope you have good luck with the tomato plants.

The Furry Gnome said...

Must be Iris time at your house! The first blooms on our Fernleaf Peony have just appeared here.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is like an Iris explosion over here...I enjoyed it! I hope you enjoyed your weekend:)