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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday's Here.......

Again, I am up and get to see the sunrise. It is after the rain that we had with residue clouds everywhere.  I will have to surprise my followers by walking across the street one morning and get the full view before the corn gets to be too tall.

The buds hung on for a very long time and finally overnight after the rain the one bud opened.  It is a new hybrid that I picked up at Wally World and I never remember what I pick up when it comes to the colors.  In fact, the selection of colors at that store are so limited.

It was definitely worth the wait.  I at first thought it was just like the other hybrid on the other side of the house. Now I can see it is more blue in the standards, not lavender, and the falls are light blue and not white.  That really is a definite difference.  If I had planted them beside each other they maybe would have more easily not be confused.

I just thought now that I should go back into my archives and see if I photographed the packages that they came in when I purchased them.

This pink is struggling where it is planted but I know that it will regroup and start showing better formed flowers. I will remove the foliage that is crowding it and give it more light.  It is growing in the shaded part of the house. I will call them pinks for a while because dianthus can get to be daunting in spelling it correctly. My mom called the pinks and blog friend Mildred reminded me of it when she called them that in a comment.

The wild roses that grow in the garden are all but done blooming for the season.  I remember seeing these as a kid, growing on the edge of timbers and along corn fields.  It was pretty magical to see them as a kid as I thought roses had to be a very special flower.  Now that I own some of it and it grows freely I still feel that way. 

I need to go  photograph the William Baffin rose today.  I hope the rain has not bothered it like it has the peonies. The very old fashion peonies are now on the ground.  Others like the red ones seem to be a little tougher but I am hoping sunshine will help them stand up again. I have lots of buds on the peonies so I know the next ones to bloom will be in good condition.  I will face bugs and mosquitoes now as I go out to photograph.  The last time I looked at the William Baffin rose has more blooms on it that it ever has since I bought in 12 years ago.

We are off today to do some light shopping.  We will pick up a sandwich and return for a restful afternoon.  Being home everyday now seems to be unreal.  I have a major project to get started with the senior photos and a couple of frame jobs haunting me.  I will be on them all this week.  We have more rain forecasted but it isn't too last long.  

I know you can't tell it from my writing but I am upset about my Yahoo mail.  I lost all my past mail from many years ago as of 3:00 on Sunday.  I don't know for sure what happened.  I have some suspicions.  Yahoo claims to have a recovery program.  We will see how that works.  I have all my contacts but there is a lot of info from people that I still refer to in my mail. I am able to look up one person and pull up their mail from the past to dig out info.  I am beyond feeling about it now.  I don't know what I am going to do. I am just going to wait for the yahoo people to speak to me.

I am done for today.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

Funny story about the "pinks." For the longest, I thought grandma called them pinks due to the color before noticing that the edges look like they have been cut with Pinking Shears - Grandma was a seamstress!
I love this iris. What a striking photo you captured. Really sorry about your yahoo mail. I hope they offer you some assistance.
The little rain that we had caused our zebra grass to get rust and our roses to get Jap. beetles.
I am glad you have time away from work and I think you two will enjoy some daytime outings. We treated ourselves to Chickfila today and were treated like royalty despite how busy they were. It was a very pleasant meal.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you get Yahoo mail resolved. I recently went there and deleted some really old stuff, If it is something I want I print it out...hope you get it resolved as I know how unsettling it can be:(