Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shivering Saturday.....

These stalks of flowers will come into the house today.  The blooms are heavy, the rain and wind makes the lay down on the ground, and the wet soil just can't keep them vertical. I could stake them but I think they will be better inside in a vase.

This photo shows the old fashioned iris to be lager than life. I was glad to see it had started blooming.

I am concerned that I lost one of my cemetery iris collection.  It is the yellow with the dark brown falls. It may be just later in the blooming schedule. I really like the subtle colors of this iris. It grows under the river birch tree and seems to stay very healthy.  I do keep the grub pellets handy and treat them every summer now.

The little flowers are starting to open up in the center of the bigger flowers on this viburnum. The weather hasn't been great for these blooms as the cold seems to slow them.  I think the small flowers will look better in time.

Barney is a lot better.  He is cooperating with us more to get him in and out.  He is much more normal. He gets up and down easier on his back legs and we can find him in his favorite places to sleep. This photo is an old photo as this is a young shot of our older son and of Barney.

I have plans to widen the back door steps today to make it easier to go up and down them. He does well on the wider width step at our side porch but he doesn't like using that door to come into the house.  I take him out that door and we have to come back in at the back yard door.  I plan to widen the steps, two of them, by the width of a two by four board.  On bad days he can take a step on step at a time resting between steps.  He never was good on stairs when he was younger.  He usually just jumped up them with great speed.

I will try to get some of the yard mowed today whenever it finally dries out.  I have plans to create an area for planting tomatoes but is seems to be too cold to put them into today.  I will just get the ground ready.  I wish us all to get some warmer weather again and we can move into summer.  I don't want the heat but I sure am tired of the cold.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear Barney is a bit better! Cold up here too, it was about 26 degrees here this morning:(

The Furry Gnome said...

I like the blue iris best. Wider steps are often easier for people too!

Anonymous said...

I do love this photo of Barney and Andy. We were cold last week, also. Had to turn the heat on!