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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Middle of the Week.......

The sky is putting out a good show.  The temperatures are still cold but it is warming.  We haven't had these kind of clouds for a while. I think it has been a month since I last posted these kinds of photos.

The photo from yesterday shows how fast the iris opened itself fully in 24 hours. It is shown above. This is a new one that I received from the neighbor's cache of iris. It is a very healthy hybrid. I have taken so many photos of it that I won't be able to share them all.  In purchasing iris I am sure that I wouldn't not have this be my first choice to buy as colors go but I really do like it.  I had a redder iris a few years back that this one reminds me of in size and subtle colors on the falls.

I planted chives last year in this broken down wooden planter.  The plant was so frail and straggly last year.  It returned looking healthy like it is suppose to look this spring. I have the new wood to build a new planter for it.  I don't have the time yet to get it done.

I am in the 7th grade English room today and will be here again tomorrow.  I know the teacher's mother in law and mother in law is very seriously ill.  I was glad I could cover for her for three days. Unfortunately for the family the daughter is graduating over the weekend.

We are off this afternoon to visit and have a meal with two of my old high school buddies.  One of them is actually a distant cousin but the three of us have sort of always kept in touch.  Jim lives in Arizona and Bernie lives in a town north of us about 30 miles.  We will be eating at the Machine Shed and catch up on all of each others news.  Our wives do like each other so they are not totally bored with our small reunion.

I thank you for stopping by my blog today. 


Patsy said...

Have fun and your iris is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hello and I hope you have a nice visit with old friends. I love the iris; that is a unique color and very beautiful. We walked thru the garden center at Home Depot today and looked at onion and garlic chives. We thought about buying pink evening primrose but decided to wait for a price reduction! lol Still having computer and internet problems but trying to catch up tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to respond to your comment on Theo's name and your little grandson. The rescue group told us his name was RIO. I knew everyone would be confused if he was male or female, so I decided THEO rhymed and would not confuse him too much! lol If I remember, your new grandson is Theodore John - two of my favorite names! Hope you all are doing well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those chives will spread all over if not contained! I am still mowing some down! That Copper colored Iris is stunning!! What a lovely color:)