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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Friday Finish.........

A formal portrait of this new iris was taken yesterday morning. I am glad that I took time to capture it as the continue rain and wind has the whole stem now leaning onto the adjacent ferns.

The dianthus are really enjoying the rains and have spread since last years planting.  I have discovered four different places where I have planted them.  A good gardener would have put them in the ground all in the same area but mine are scattered. Maybe I will consider moving some of them closer together after their first bloom time is over.

I did get a chance to take shots of these iris in more of a natural light.  The lavender standards looks like the real color in this photo. I see now that I didn't get the spent bloom snapped off of the stem before I took the photo. The size of these are small compared to a hybrid but the colors make it look like a bigger iris than it is.

A William Baffin rose bud looks like a big rose.  It really is a climber and the buds open up to a standard size for climbers.  The red is a deep color here as I had to shade it with my body from the bright sun.

I am at work this afternoon for the last day of school The person I am replacing is one who has to be in Kansas City for a wedding.  The last day of school was pushed back one day so it landed on her wedding plans.  Anyway, they are letting her leave a half day early and I will be sitting with her afternoon kids.  School is done about three days ago as staff get all finals over with early.  They need grading time and recording time.  The middle school is being remodeled this summer so the past few days the staff has had student help to unload all furniture from their classrooms.  The gym is full of designated areas for each classroom to put their things.  Air conditioning, new ceiling panels, and new floor covering will be going in too.  Today is the last day for the students to help carry everything away to storage.  I can not imagine how all that stuff will get put into the rooms with a small janitorial staff. I am hoping my IFS room that I am in today will already be cleared.  We will just sit on the floor and talk.

We are going through monsoon weather in Iowa as it just doesn't stop raining.  We have had a downpour most of the morning and it has stopped for now leaving the day looking gray. I thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow that Iris is beautiful!! You caught some great light this morning! Congrats on your last day of school, let the summer begin!! :)