Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday's News.....

 The rain caused the grass to be greener and the flag looks brighter. We really need that rain to revive a few things.

The weather people said the rains would not clear the smoke. It must have helped a little as we can see the sun.  I have to admit we still smell smoke when we are out in the sun room.

The tomatoes are starting to turn color.  It looks like I picked the bigger ones too soon but they will turn redder the longer that they sit there.  I am accused of living in the tropics by one of my Canadian friends because I am getting tomatoes now.  But it is August and I did plant them early.  I notice on the map that we are in zone 5a and also in 5b growing areas.  The big city near us makes us warmer and throws us into that 5b zone.  

The visitor was around in the evening for some fresh seed. The seed brought in the female and also a couple of morning doves. 

It is a pleasant day here today and the sun is shining.  Thanks for stopping by today.

I am having trouble with blogger.  I can't open my friends list to see people's postings.  I hope it is temporary.  I can't really visit people's sites unless I search for your blog on the net.  I don't remember the exact names.  I do reach out to those who are making comments as I can connect to your comment.


Laurel Wood said...

Your tomatoes make me hungry! I am sorry the smoke is still so bad.
I wish you two a nice week.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I use The Old Reader it is a free reader. Just plunk in the blog address and you can read from there.