Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Middle of the Week.....

 The morning sun caused it to shine. The tree is being taken down today. Four boxes of ornaments have now been taken off of it.  There are plenty left to be removed.  It will leave a hole in the sun room but we have things that can fill in that space.  It is the last to come down. 


 It still is not done.  I touched up paint mistakes this morning and am trying to find just the right las decoration to go on the front of it.  I also have not put in the screws in the bottom to hold it onto the house. I have started a new one that is of my own original design.  I use up old wood that works fine for a bird house.  I had to scrub down some of the wood as it had been outside used as a dirt/grass guard. 

The earth keeps tilting back.  I can now see the sun from the far window and it isn't behind the neighbor's house. 

It is cold all over and we will have a warm up tomorrow before it plunges down again.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That sun room looks like a cozy place to be on a wintery day, Larry. I could enjoy sitting in a chair and reading and just watching the snow outside.

Val Ewing said...

The warm up this morning is already 40 degrees different! Wow!
Love that bird house, very beautiful.
I'm enjoying the longer days.