Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday's Few Things......

 In the old days one would put the real Christmas tree out on the curb and there would be ornaments still lost among the branches.  It is the same with artificial trees as ornaments show up as the branches are removed.  Some have fallen to the floor already and they aren't found until the tree has been removed.

The tree takes up a lot of space.  The plastic needles from the tree will clean up easily.  All the furniture that was shifted away from the corner will be returned. 

The broken large ornament was found inside of a box that I opened when looking for an empty box for Christmas lights.  I bet the ball was broken during the move.  There are five or six in the box that I use to display with garland.  This one has been busted. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I boxed away the last little tabletop tree yesterday, it was in my great-grandaughters room, I already miss it's pretty twinkling.
Sorry about your broken glass ornament, they do seem to be fragile.

Val Ewing said...

For some odd reason .. I love that photo of the broken ornament!
Stay warm.

Rose said...

I have been finding broken ornaments in the box. They are old...well, say 30 years at least. And I have sure enjoyed them and wish I could find more just like them.

I also would love to find a blown glass fish, but I would prefer a bass or bluegill, or crappie. A little pumpkinseed bluegill would be perfect.