Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday's Mentions.....


The sun is hiding behind the neighbor's house.  It was a beautiful sky for a short moment before it all turned into gray clouds. 


 Each day more ornaments are coming down.  I am not in any hurry but when I find an empty box in the storage area and read the label, I bring it up and fill it.  Two different garlands were boxed up today. 

I finished the job on the end panels of the birdhouse.  They were cut, fitted, waterproofed and then attached all in one morning.  Job is done.  The plan showed a fake chimney made from wood.  I tried to make one and it was a failure so I just quit.  No chimney for this birdhouse. 

Our foot of snow really isn't going away soon.  We warm up to above freezing for about an hour and then it cools off again.  We go into the deep freeze temperatures on Wednesday. 

Saying how cold it is I think the one Canada geese  will not get its head out of the snow unless I go out and dig it out.  My neighbor to the north is piling snow up against his foundation so he must think it is pretty cold in his basement.  

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Snow is good insulation! Enjoy your snow!

Val Ewing said...

I guess the snow piled up is okay unless the basement leaks. I get that!
You have way much more snow than we did and I think we are north of you in WI.

The geese look as though they just buried their heads in the sand to avoid what is going on.

Have a great day.