Thursday, January 20, 2022

Watching Paint Dry......

 The doves like the new seed.  They are hanging around and share the feeder peacefully.  It is a very cold day and they need to eat to keep themselves warm.

I moved a spare drawing table into my workshop area.  I can now sit down and work the dimensions on boards and figure out directions.  It is a mess but it means I am busy with another birdhouse. 

I am close to a stand still as I don't have enough different colors of paint for this one. I will venture out maybe tomorrow if it warms a little. I see we will warm up to 20 degrees F. tomorrow. 

The front pieces on this one gave me a difficult time.  I had to cut them twice with the second try actually working.  The pattern says do one thing and then I have to redefine the directions to match with the kind of saws that I have.  

I am having reactions today to my change in diabetic med doses.  It is easy for a doctor to change things but they aren't there to see what it really does do to the patient. I won't see her for a couple of months.  I am sure it will all average out and I will feel better but I don't like feeling what I am feeling today.  I certainly will not do any sky diving today or work with heavy machinery.  I guess I should just take a nap and walk away from the disturbing birdhouse difficulties with all of its parts.  Painting parts and letting them dry takes a lot of patience for me.  Painting two coats usually is necessary meaning more waiting and watching paint dry.  

Thanks for checking in today.


Val Ewing said...

Medication changes are the pits and hopefully it will work out for you.
I am grateful for secure messaging, I can use it to update the doctor on med reactions for hubby and we get answers quickly.
That house looks like it will be beautiful!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Take naps as needed!