Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday Night.....So Cold!

 I don't have the patience to wait on paint to dry.  I did a second painting session after supper tonight so that I can maybe start to assemble this thing. The enamel does dry in 12 hours so by morning, late maybe it will be dry enough to work with for assembling.  

My lighting at the basement table isn't the best. I have an overhead light and then this antique light.  I have to shift things into the best light to paint.  If I do more of this I do have work lights that could be placed there.

This birdhouse design has many different accent colors on it to make it look good. It requires me to pay attention closely to be sure everything is painted correctly and I repaint one area after another when I paint to far on the wrong spot.

While working I have this doll keeping me company.  It is waiting for me to get it back into its box and tomorrow it may happen.  We are still working at taking down Christmas things.  

I was late blogging today but better now than never.  Our temps are taking a deep dive again. Take care.


Val Ewing said...

I love that antique lamp! That metal work is amazing as is the lamp shade.
Your bird houses are good projects to have while this weather is so cold!
Stay warm.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That lamp is beautiful!! Patience when painting helps:) Stay warm it is very cold here.:)