Thursday, May 26, 2022



Our neighborhood visiting ducks were back this morning. I went out on the deck to get clearer pictures by not shooting through window screens.  I have a concern that they may be I  nesting in the area. No hatched baby ducks are going to make it into that pool. I don' know the behaviors of duck and wonder if there was a nest if the hen would ever leave a nest for a short time. 

An older fashioned iris is now blooming in the garden. The rain is so hard on them and I had to stake one stem up after it bent to the ground.  I am thinking this is my cemetery iris but will go back and research what I shared about it last year.  It looks bigger than the cemetery iris collection.

The reflection ball is doing a good job again out inthe sunlight. I always admired them when I was a kid seeing them in peoples gardens.  I move mine to different areas in the gardens each year.

My wife had to renew her drivers license today.  We had to make an appointment and get there early.  Of course they didn't stay on target.  Afterwards I wandered up the our nursery to buy two new shrubs and a roma tomato plant.  I will be digging holes once we decided the best place to plant them.  It is still damp and misting once in awhile out there.  It will get hot in another day. 

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Rose said...

Very seldom is anyone on time...seems like that is life. I like your gazing ball....