Tuesday, May 17, 2022


 The globe allium is showing great color this day.  I have less of them but they will do well and will multiply. 

 The volunteer columbine plants are blooming.  It seems a little pale but maybe the longer they are in bloom the more color will show. 

 The honeysuckle vine is slow to bloom this year.  The rains will help it out but it does rebloom all summer.  The next bloom cycle may look better. 

 The rhubarb is blooming and seeding.  I cut these blooms off right after this photo was taken. It is suggested that they be cut back so the plant will put out more leaves.  I can't eat any of it so it is nust a nice foliage plant for the garden. 

I planted three tomato plants this morning.  I moved some chive plants around as they had come up volunteer and I forced them to be place where I want them. I also cleaned out grass our of my front flower garden with a raised stonework.  I had to spade up and remove the grass as it had taken over the area.  I also planted my pussy willow sprouts this afternoon in an area where a red twig had died back.  It feels good to get started with the garden but I have to pace myself.  I can do a little each day. Tomorrow is anther garden day.  Thanks for checking in......


Val Ewing said...

Wow that is a lot of work and the gardens/flowers look wonderful. I can't eat much rhubarb either, it upsets my stomach for some reason.

I planted dill for some greenery in my one garden along side the house as a back drop for flowers! This year I planted spices in hanging baskets for something different.

Your flowers are amazing!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have lots in bloom!! I need to go looking for some tomato plants:)

Rose said...

This comment form opened fine on my computer. Sometimes things act funny on my phone. How big are your Allium blooms...mine are small. Maybe 3-4 inches across.

Love columbine...but I don't have any.