Tuesday, November 15, 2022



It came from overnight weather and it really is still snowing.   It is always a surprise to see it for the first time of the season.  

It has coated everything.  Some of it is falling off but it hasn't warmed up enough for it to make any quick changes.  Now I can get serious about bringing in the rest of the stuff to the inside for the winter.  

Fluffy snow makes a larger measurement.  The birdhouse can now be seen through the leaves.  I haven't really seen it all summer. 

Inside the guppies are enjoying the tropical warm waters.  The baby guppies have grown up and can easily be seen now. The colors are in sharp contrast to the outside of all white. 

We are both feeling better.  We are not  done with it but we both can almost sleep through the night now without ailment interruptions. My wife still has the cough but it is better at times.  I don't have the severe sore throat anymore but I still flinch when I swallow expecting bad things.  The snow will keep me inside even though I did go into the garage and free up my snowblower from the piles of machines.  I didn't have to use it today but I do want to work at getting it started when I am feeling stronger.  I guess winter is here and I can only hope for some good days out of this cold white stuff.  Thanks for stopping by today.



A Brit in Tennessee said...

Beautiful views, nothing better than observing on the inside of a cozy home !
Happy you are both feeling much better, take good care.

The Furry Gnome said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Far Side of Fifty said...

We got the same thing...winter..yuck:( Glad you are feeling a bit better!