Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sun with Heat, Sort Of.....


The female downy has a sleek body shape. It clutches onto the suet rack tightly as it readies itself to dig into the suet. We are above freezing now and snow will melt a little.  I think 44° F. will be the high for today.  It is welcomed as our cold has really been bone chilling. 



The male downy was the last to visit the feeder yesterday. They fly in without much fanfare and immediately position themselves securely.  I like laying the suet out flat so the bird is easier to see through the window.  

The red cap of the male is so bright and showy.  The cap makes the head to appear a different shape than the female.  The female head seems to be more streamlined.

 The season is starting in our neighborhood.  When it was warmer,  lights went up on some of the neighbor's houses.  I dug out my fake tree to put on the deck.  I really wanted to get it out of my shop area as it was taking up room.  I fastened all the ornaments on it semi permanently so I don't have to take it down each year.  It is just instantly ready to be put up after I take of the sheet that is draped around it. 

Have a good Sunday.......

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Good idea on the tree and keeping it all together! It is a bright spot for you and Della! Warmer here today too and the sun is out!