Monday, November 7, 2022

Monday Morn.....

The sun is just at the horizon, reflecting on the clouds creating a wonderful pattern of colors.

 At about thirty minutes later the sun is up and shining. The earth tilts cause me to see the sun behind the house.  I guess the sun is a whiter light so things have changed to clear blue skies. 

A mystery has now been solved.  We have been hearing a dog barking and really didn't know where it was.  We thought it was our neighbor's black dog that is in view, one house over in the backyard.  He has the company of a black and white French bulldog.  When we heard the barking it was not him as he wasn't outside.  Yesterday I  caught a glimpse of the above dog across the street. It is the view just through the two back houses looking over to the next street's row of houses.

It is not a great photo but the dog did move for me to get a full shot of him.  He barks as he is tied up outside in their front yard.  I think he sees so many things that need to be addressed.  I am sure he does have a backyard to run in but for some reason they have started to tie him up outside in the front.  It has been over a month we have heard him but did not know where he was.  Now when we hear continue barking we have an idea of where the dog is. 




It rained for a few days and we got some rain.  Two and a  half inches is the verified number by looking at two of my gauges.  We are still in need of so much more moisture.  It rained continually as we drove south to the funeral  It seemed a long time since I have driven in rainy weather.  

We attended a funeral last Wednesday near here and then another one an hour south in the hills of southern Iowa.  The time change hits and we are already drained.  Maybe by tomorrow we can be back to normal.  I work a little and rest a lot.   Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

We are tired from the time change too and it turned really cold here and windy!

Val Ewing said...

My new neighbors on the ridge have a dog that looks like that and his name is Rupert. He barks a lot also, but that is fine as there usually is a reason for his barking.

If I am outside and he barks it is usually because someone is on the ridge near our corner.

Hopefully you adjust to the time change quickly! I try to ignore it for a bit.