Friday, November 11, 2022

Friday's Finds.....

 I bundled up in an old winter coat and took out seed for the birds.  They will come but for now it is to cold.  The wind is strong and we are at 26° F.  I is a biting wind and I didn't stay out there for long.  

Everything outside has officially  had its growth stopped.  We won''t get above freezing today.  The wind is wildly blowing leaves everywhere so I think I am sure mulching leaves. 

I am feeling better.  I have a nagging sore throat that just won't quit.  It slows all things down.  I do feel stronger than I was the day before.  I haven't had a bad cold since our return from Israel three years ago. I should have some resistance build up after I get through this one. I guess three funerals in a row just wore me down. Thanks for checking in today.

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Val Ewing said...

Three funerals as well as cold and flu season are also now in full swing all over the place.

So glad you are feeling better.
I'm going to have to buy flowers now that all my outside ones are done.
I need my flower fix!