Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Wind Does Blow....

 Strong winds outside with a few flurries but it is nice and warm inside the tropical fish tank.  The evil killer angel fish at the bottom left has calmed down and isn't trying to eat the white angel fish anymore.   I returned the white one to the tank and he at first was aggressive but that all died down.  The three of them in the tank are all getting along now.

When getting the white one out of the guppy tank I mistakenly captured a guppy.  I think the guppy can survive in there and won't be a part of the food chain. The guppy will grow larger in the tank and can live in the castle if she feels like she is in danger. 

I bought gas for my car this morning and also picked up gas for my snowblower.  The weather was in the 40's at the time.  By noon the weather extremely changed and it dropped to 26° F.  It is in sharp contrast with the windchill blasting away.  We will stay in for the rest of the next few days.  Thanks for checking in today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

It cooled off here to but I think deep freeze weather is on its way:(

Val Ewing said...

I do love watching fish in a tank, it is relaxing though it has been many years since I had fish!