Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Evening’s Show in the Clouds.....

While watching a movie last night I looked up to see these clouds. So we stopped the movie and both of us took photos. I am sure the neighbors are use to seeing us out on the deck with cameras. I have decided that my sunset shots are always going to have my suburbia foreground as my trace mark.  There is no way crop the houses and tree out of there without loosing that panoramic effect.

Cropping all of the houses gives me a strip of clouds but I lose all of that expanse. The glow is from the sun that is from a sun in the opposite direction.

The scene kept getting better as we waited for some clouds to clear away from the foreground.  And then the foreground did fill up with dark gray clouds and all was gone.

My favorite hardy geranium keeps going, living in the pot for a lot of years.  The colors of the leaves are wonderful and somehow the being in the basement doesn’t keep it from wanting to live. I did see some scented geraniums with interesting leaves but I didn’t buy any at the time.  Now I am betting that they are gone as the heat was taking out that nursery’s plants.

We are getting a small rain shower this morning but I will probably have to water everything in the evening anyway. We continues with what heat and humidity and there really is not getting use to it.  We are off to church and teach Sunday School this morning and the rest of the day should be a good resting time for us.  Thank you for stopping by at the post today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you are doing okay in the heat. Very humid here. We have some littler Goldfinches too that I think are this years to watch:)