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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday, Monday.......

This is a backwards sunrise as this is looking west. The sun was obscured by clouds in the east and whatever was sneaking through was reflection off of these clouds.

This is the actual sunrise in the east. It is blocked by my trees and the houses beyond. It is going to make the day warm up faster once those clouds move on and direct light hits us. We are 81 degrees early this morning and we will get hotter for sure.

I watered everything this morning hoping to get ahead of the heat. The plants all have some form of a tomato developing. They had a day off from being watered and I could tell they were a little wilted this morning.

The day after I had shown photos of the sunflowers growing rapidly the rabbit or rabbits decided to eat on some of the fresh plants.  I didn’t loose everything but the zinnias took a hit and one of the sunflowers was stripped away as far as he could reach. I have a random seed bed of new zinnias coming up so I will have plenty to transplant into the blank spots of the rows. So far the two things of sunflowers and zinnias is all that they are eating.  I had moved the one sedum out of there and it sits in the raised flower be in the front.  They did like that plant last summer and kept it nibbled down all summer. The screens are from the former owner and he planted all vegetables in the area.  What a treat that would be for the rabbits.

I received a Father’s Day gift from my wife.  She and Hallmark just keep them coming.  Snoopy out and about shooting down planes leaving some bullet holes on the back side of the mug.  His scarf makes a great handle.

I don’t remember all of the stories about Snoopy but with this mug’s story, snoopy does get shot down.  You can see his parachute does work as he floats to the ground. It is funny as to how it startles one when you see it at the bottom of your cup while finishing up you drink.

The bad thing about the knock out roses is the need to dead head them so quickly. I know it won’t take 40 minutes to do but the heat does make it undesirable.  I do know that the sooner that I deadhead them the sooner flowers will be developing again.  I finished trimming off all the dead flowers of the peonies this morning and that does make things look better.  The peony bushes sit right on the border to the neighbors.  I would consider moving it all to the back yard as the majority of the peonies did have a rust on them as they bloomed this year.

It is the supposedly less hot today but it still won’t be good for working outside. I can’t believe that we won’t get storms with all these high temps.  I see the northern part of our state is getting storms.  Thank you for stopping in today.


Patsy said...

My neighbor ask me what to do about his Knock Out Rose. His wife died 2 weeks ago. It had stop blooming. Showed him how to dead head it.
Like your Father's Day cup. Very hot here (91 and it is 12:00 will get hotter as day goes on.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Father's Day wishes to you, Larry. Your wife's gift is sure to provide a happy memory when you drink your coffee! I bought Grenville a new shirt and treated him to a movie.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute cup! Yes those roses can be the pits to deadhead but the blooms are worth it...get a scissors and trim down the stem faster! :)