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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Late Evening Storm.......

Storms usually do form after a very hot day in Iowa.  It took it all day to develop but by late afternoon. No tornados were reposted but the hot, humid day sure seemed to be setting us up for some.

The front yard plater is filling in with more blooms. In spite of the heat I kept them alive with lots of water. I have mentioned before that it is the only house on the entire length of street that has a front planter. We think we have to make it look good since it is out there.  Some people do plant flowers around the base of a tree or around the mailbox post. The guy who built this would be glad to see we are keeping it up to high standards.

The bricks are all loose fit so I have to realign the top stones every once in a while.  I have fun walking around on the top of them when I bring the dog out and he wants to circle it.

The knock out rose seems to be a very popular rose in this community.  I see them at a lot of businesses in the city and also in front of houses. That hosta seems to be really happy at to where I placed it. I remember when meeting both sides of our neighbors they asked if we were gardeners.  I am not sure they meant by the comment and yet they are not gardens, but I replied with a positive yes that I am.
The growth report of the tomato square is a visual one as you see the photo.  They are growing strong and all tomatoes are in bloom. Eventually the photo of the future will have green leaves over shadowing and the dirt will be obscured.

Lots of things are always going on in our household.  We will keep up the good fight and get things done.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Patsy said...

They enjoy the flowers with out the work.