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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer.........Sum, Sum, Summer.....

Happy “first day of summer” to you all. We had rain in the night and the clouds are still hanging around.

It seems cool today with a damp breeze in the air. There was a half inch rain that took place over night. All rain is welcomed but now our river banks are going to be overflowing. The lake that we live close to was emptied out as much as they could but it now is back to flood stage again.

My purchase at the bargain table last year has proven to be a good rose. I have never owned a rose with this kind of bloom before.  I never could tell last summer how it was going to grow but this year I can definitely that it is putting out clusters.

I have three clusters of these blooms.  They sit along side of a hosta and a daylily.  I can see now that I need to address the grass around the area.  I have mulch that can be used and grass block ready for me to put down.  I don’t do that much with mulch but I can see now that this area needs to be controlled better.

I have tomatoes setting on now that will become large tomatoes.  My first photos of tomatoes were of the small cherry tomatoes but this is probably a Big Boy tomato. I don’t have a clue as to when they will be ready for harvest.  I sure have a lot of blooms on the plants and right now only two of the 13 have tomatoes on them.

I like how my hosta plants look in this rock garden area.  I can see now from this photo that I could add one more hosta next to the rock.  I planted a golden privet in the background there.  I brought it from the other place as it was not doing well where I had planted it.
The privet at the old place seemed to freeze out each year.  I am going to give it this the summer to grow and see how it behaves with the freezing temps from winter.  I want something to block the view of the gas meter. If this doesn’t work I will buy another shrub.

The fencing that surrounds the tomato patch really isn’t needed anymore.  I am going to remove it today and let the marigolds be the barriers. The young tomatoes needed to be protected from birds that peck at them as young plants but they don’t need anything now as they are mature plants.

I plan on working in the garden areas today until that heat drives me inside.  It is actually a great season for us for growing things. Summer is officially here on the calendar. Our cornfields have stalks that are almost three feet tall already with those farmers that planted early this year. Knee high corn is gone already and shoulder high will be seen by the fourth of July. I am taking a day off from being at the farm and will return tomorrow.  I can see that the temperatures in the United States is letting up a little but at this time of the year it is expected.  I appreciate everyone stopping in today.  Everyone take care and be safe out there.

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