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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Skies.......

The morning vies shows these clouds becoming a wall cloud. I heard thunder later on as it kept getting darker.

Early morning sun peaks between the layer of clouds. A lot of colors resulted from this location of the sun but I couldn’t get a shot taken.

We attended the Arts Festival in downtown Des Moines on Saturday. The crowds were large and the sum heated us up by the noon hour.

Music is being performed on the big stage and the various eating trucks were scatter in long rows. The smell of Asian, Mexican, and Barbecue was everywhere.
A lot of artwork was for sale and signs everywhere to tells us not to photograph it. I did take a shot of these to chickens where were made to be footstools in the den or living room. They were quite the novelty with dozens of them sitting under the tent.

It was a better show this year as they tried to bring in new artists from around the many states.  There still were a few repeated participants but a lot were from new states. A few California artist were there.  They, for some reason,  do not chose Iowans for booths.

No one special was hired to do chalk art but this guy was busy making a big piece on the sidewalk.  In the evening the whole area becomes a concert arena with lots of beer being sold.

Every year the “houses for humanity” create a home.  They had a large crew and this was going up quickly.  They started on Friday and will work on it for two days.  I suspect the finishing of the house will be on site where it will be moved. We had a great time and did walk a lot.  We ended up at Spaghetti Works for late lunch and came home.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like a fun day, those Chickens are pretty cute:)

Red said...

There was a major change in your skies in a very short time. So there's a change in weather for you.