Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday’s Things.....

The chive is putting out an abundant sets of blooms. It looks like that I have it in jail with that barrier the goes around the tomato patch.

If you were to guess which one of the plants would this be? I have photos of morning glory sprouts, zinnias, and sunflowers. I watered things through the heat and the seeds did like to sprout in hot wet soil. This would be the tallest of all of my plantings incase you can’t guess.

I am going to plant some more of these today as they didn’t all come up in the two rows.  I can move them pretty easy once they get larger to create fuller even rows of this flower. These are not sunflower plants, nor are they morning glories either

I have two planters of these coming up now so their vines will be climbing on two different sizes of trellis.  I had such a hard time getting them started last year.  My volunteer morning glory as not showed its growth yet.  I hope it does come back as it had such great color

This blue spruce was one of the things that encouraged me to buy the house.  It is a beautiful specimen of a tree.  It can’t compare to my balsam pine trees at the farm.

The fake geese are moved out from the shrubs for a while since I needed to weed their area. We continually see real Canada geese fly over in numbers of five or more otter. We have a pair that hatches babies at our grocery store.  There is a large drainage ditch with natural growth giving them a good place to nest right next to the parking lot.  Everyone brakes for them as they parade their offspring through the lot.

The property line of ours and the neighbors is filled with utility boxes. There are two of the same company and a large one for electricity.  The past owners have cooperated, with each person having a triangle flower bed. The longer you live I guess the more one wants to block weeds and pile on rocks.  The neighbors have the knockout roses and a couple of day lilies. My side doesn’t have any rock covering and I put mulch on mine to keep out weeds. I keep digging into a weed barrier under the mulch but that barrier is worn out and just makes it harder for me to dig holes. I now believe that the previous owner intentionally let the asparagus to go to see to cover the view of his utility boxes.  I am going to trim them back a little as i don’t think they make great looking flowers.

My knock out roses did come up from their roots as the past years growth froze out in the winter. I have been having a hard time photographing the red flowers but this one worked well last evening.

Lots of chores to do today so I should get to it.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

I am so jealous, how I miss working in a yard.So I will just watch yours grow.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun to see your seedlings, that first seeding is a sunflower! And your Zinnia seed did not come up in a row! Yor roses look real good! :)