Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Heat......

It is hot in the shade.

The zinnia plants do grow in the heat but I am going to water them this evening to help them out.

The sunflower loves the heat.  It too would like being watered at the end of the day. The iris plants in the background seem to like the heat. The blooms of iris were only successful of about a third of them. Even though they didn’t bloom the iris plants really increased size already for next year. I didn’t plant so many sunflowers this year.

The vine is planted in two places and it really doesn’t mind the heat.  It invades the world including the birds nest right there.

I keep snapping photos of these goldfinches. They are so intense in color that they get my attention any time the fly in to eat.  I have blogged late today as the day has been busy. Things involved included a time period of crawling around in a small crawl space to reconnect a sink drain to the main drain. It really was a job for a young skinny guy and not me.

I delivered my old 2007 Taursus to my neighbor at the old place.  He has been driving without working air. My old car is better than his old car so he now owns one with air-conditioning. We now have two vehicles with a two car garage and that is so great to have.  The third wheel kept things crowds at all times.

My wife got to drive the Buick across the mile long bridge over a section of a lake as she traveled with me.  I did some shopping today for my wife’s anniversary present. The rest of the day is on for resting.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

If I had goldfinches I would be snapping photos too!
When we lived in Ark they came through but didn't
stay long. Very hot here also.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love the Goldfinches and we have a few that have stayed! I love their cheerful color! Good to have less vehicles...we got rid of one too...I keep my brothers vehicle here and pick him up at the airport so most of the time we have an extra vehicle anyways, but one we don't have to license or insure!! His is a big brand new Ford Expedition ...sometimes I feel like a truck has seating for 7. :)