Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, June 25, 2010


I thought the soon to bloom regal lilies looked sculptural as they were on the verge of first blooming.

Two days of rain kept me from checking on them but they shot open very quickly.

The creeping bell flower is on it's last days as you can see the flowers are bloomed out all the way down to the bottom of the stems. They have increased in size somewhat but I will mow back a little once they are done blooming.

The mural changed some more to day.  The cow catcher for an electric trolley sits in an unusual place.  The highlights on the thing have to be added and the front end is getting to look more like the actual parts of a trolley.  The cow catcher actually was probably there to keep the debris out of the way as it sat underneath the front of the car, which I like to call the bay window.They would switch that to a blade in the winter, but a thick bank of snow wouldn't allow it to pass as the electric street car just wasn't that powerful.

The change for us outside is the hundreds of mosquitoes.  Out town does spray but not until it drys out a little bit more.  I wouldn't dream of sitting out here at the table.  I did grill  the supper hamburgers but it was a challenge to keep moving and swatting.

The last change for the day is the raspberry patch.  It doubled in size in one year and now I have to pick.  I did mention the mosquitoes and they do love to live under the berry leaves.  I am looking forward to our pie from these.
Mowing continues and I head to Osceola to face that lawn and do more work on the house.  I have to mow when the rain is not.  Everyone take care as the weekend is almost upon us.  Thanks for stopping by............


The Retired One said...

Oh Larry, those raspberries look SO is my favorite pie on the face of this earth! ha

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those lilies are lovely, the raspberries look yummy! We are still using up the frozen ones from last everyday we have raspberries!! I freeze them in individual has been wonderful all winter to have a taste of summer. Your bellflowers are looking great:)

Alan Burnett said...

I was just settling down to a dish of strawberries and raspberries when I read your post. The photograph of them makes them look almost as tempting as the ones that are in front of me now.