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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wednesday's batch for what it is worth........

My chokecherry tree took a hit a few days ago with all the wind and rain.  It was a v shaped tree and now has one straight trunk. 

The city told me to get some things trimmed and I have not as of yet.  I won't have to trim these though as they came down all by themselves.

I was deciced to run a fence wire to the edge of my tomato rows and tie them up to the fence.  It was easier to go ahead and use the tomato cages.  I have so few tomatoes this year that I can stake them with two metal post per plant so the should be secure.

Because I had decided to run them next to a fence row, I planted them too close to each other.  I think if I can get them staked well because of the weight that they get on the branches, I should be able to have the same effect.  The two of us will not use this many tomatoes but we like to share them with the neighbors.  I had leftover seed of Early Girl and of Roma so that is what we have in the garden now.

I will retake the photo of the tool with another normal sized item to show you what the actual size of it is.  I too thought it looked like a rug beater  head but when you see how small it is you will change your mind.

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Alan Burnett said...

That tool has the look of something the doctor might have taken from his bag in times gone by - seconds before one run out of the door in fear.

Sunny said...

Sorry about your tree. I hope our tomatoes do better than last year, right now they are doing great but time will tell.
I was going to say a rug beater but now I don't know!
Have a good day.
☼ Sunny

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Oh, what a shame, wind is such an enemy of old trees...
Tomatoes are looking healthy, oh, and there's nothing like that first ripe one of the season !
Thanks for sharing.
It's hotter than blue blazes here in Tennessee ;)

The Retired One said...

It looks like a little egg beater/frother to me, but who knows? ha